Solids control involves the conditioning of drilling fluids prior to, during, and after the drilling operation, including fluids reclaimed through the waste management process.

Proper solids control maintains required fluid densities and minimizes low gravity solids content. This saves on mud costs and results in cleaner drilling fluid, which can increase the rate of penetration, reduce tool wear, and allow for better hole cleaning. TSOLN is highly experienced in providing top-quality solids control for all types of drilling fluids in most basins in the U.S. as well as in demanding offshore environments. We deliver services using skid-mounted equipment suitable for factory drilling operations or using mobile processing units that can provide on-demand service. All of TSOLN’s proprietary equipment is modular and self-contained, allowing for rapid rig-up, reduced costs, and a small footprint. We also offer reconditioning of used synthetic oil-based muds both at the drilling site and at the mud plant. Our highly experienced engineering staff will work to ensure that every project has a solution optimized for the drilling fluid being used. We will provide pr- well volume economic predictions to compare to our daily operating reports and project recaps to show value added for each project.


Solids Control Value Proposition

When done right, solids control can make the overall drilling operation more efficient

  • Proper solids control ensures that drilling fluid remains in good condition.  This saves money in multiple ways:
    • Increased ROP
    • Less wear on tools, pump pistons, pump liners
    • Reduced torque and drag, better hole cleaning
  • In addition, keeping solids out of the active mud system reduces the amount of new fluid that must be made up to dilute the active system.
  • TSOLN can also use our mobile dewatering systems to recondition used water based mud at a central facility, offering significant savings on virgin base oil.