Complete backyard management is an integrated approach towards improving efficiency and managing backyard operations on land-based drilling rigs. Responsibility for these systems are often spread between multiple vendors, with little communication or collaboration in operational procedure, resulting in overall inefficient operations. Backyard management consolidates the waste management and solids control responsibilities under the single point accountability and management of Terra Solutions, which ensures the maximum return on investment during the drilling process, for the Operator.

The solids control and waste management system processes overlap and significantly impact the performance of one another. From a value proposition standpoint, by consolidating these services under Terra Solutions, and allowing Terra Solutions to maintain all backyard equipment, manage all third-party services, and coordinate and manage haul-off and disposal services, the Operator receives the largest return on investment. In addition, Terra Solutions will provide detailed data collection and reporting for all backyard activities.

Terra Solutions’ approach to backyard management revolves around a multi-step process. This process begins with the initial consultation with each Drilling Team, which has proven successful for all parties involved, and is an added value to the Operator.


When an Operator contacts Terra Solutions, prior to the start of their drilling program, we first request a Well Bore Diagram, or Schematic of the Oil or Gas Production well they intend to drill, as well as any information pertaining to the drilling fluid properties. Once Terra Solutions has had the opportunity to analyze this information, we enter all relevant information into our Drilling Waste & Volume Estimator, to determine haul-off volumes and drilling fluid recovery.



Conduct a Rig or Site Survey to determine any physical limitations, and then document all relevant specifications of the Drilling Rig and Well Site, to assist with both the initial installation, and daily operations.

Establish which equipment suite will be used to maintain the Operator’s objectives, and achieve or surpass the Key Performance Indicators, specific to that customer.

Create the Bid Document, in compliance with the customer’s Request for Bid. The bid number generated, is referenced in the daily reports and utilized during the invoicing process.


Present and Propose the Bid Document, as well as any supporting documentation, Case Studies, Historical Data, etc. to the Drilling Team.



Install and “Rig Up” the proposed and agreed upon equipment suite, in accordance with the Rig or Site Survey, and all documentation created by the Engineering or Technical Team, followed by an equipment Commissioning Report.


Daily Operations on the Rig and Well Site, including but not limited to, operating any Solids Control or Waste Management equipment, operating an excavator or backhoe, dispatching and loading trucks as they depart the rig for a nearby disposal facility, maintaining all Solids Control and Waste Management equipment, communicating with operations, management, and safety personnel, and documenting and recording all relevant backyard activity.

24 hour report

For each project and job site, a structured staff is in place to support the needs of the project, personnel, and equipment, monitor and document progress, and manage the safety of Terra personnel.

Summaries of the Daily Operating Reports are sent out routinely, to the Drilling Team, to summarize and recap the progress that is occurring on the well, and in the backyard. Each member of the Drilling Team has the opportunity to read through the reporting completed by a member of the field staff, or a summary completed by a Technical Engineer.


After Drilling Operations for each interval, well, and location are completed, a Terra Technical Engineer, or Project Manager, completes a Post-Well Recap, which is then shared or reviewed with the Drilling Team.



The Post-Well Recap and Daily Operating Reports are analyzed by members of Terra Staff and Management, after each well. All well information and documentation is shared with the Drilling Team and Engineer. This allows them to review the data in real-time and make any necessary changes or improvements to the next well, or overall Drilling Program, based on this relevant data.