WSM Vertical Dryer

One of the main drivers in our industry is the minimization of the environmental impact of the drilling operation. Terra Oilfield Solutions continues to be very active in working toward this goal. Dryers have proven to be the preferred technology for drilling non-aqueous discards throughout the international E&P industry. The WSM-03 is specifically designed for limited space applications while delivering drier cuttings and lower volumes of waste. Terra Oilfield Solutions offers two versions of this dryer: The Mobile Drying Unit and the Skid-Mounted Dryer. Both are equipped with this same dryer, but both are fit for different applications. Scroll down to learn more.
vertical dryer

Technical Overview

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  • More Efficient than Drying Shakers
  • 25 - 40 Tons per hour processing rate
  • Decreases waste volumes
  • High recovery rate of valuable OBM
  • Explosion-proof electronics
  • Used on over 500 wells since 2016
  • Average of 700 bbls returned per well
  • Reduce haul off and disposal costs
  • Used on wellbores 6"-20" diameters
  • Varying screen sizes available

87.5"L x 47.5"H x 63.3"W


38.5 sq/ft

Dry Transit Weight  

4,200 lbs.

Electrical Specifications 460V, 3Ph, 60Hz, 30HP Drive Motor

.75 HP Oil Pump Motor

Explosion Proof Z1, Div 1

Performance: 322 G-Force @ 900 RPM

25 - 40 TPH of Wet Cuttings

Average OCC < 4% wt


mobile dryer

Mobile Drying Unit

skid-mounted dryer

Skid-Mounted Dryer