Skid-Mounted Dryer Overview

TSOLN offers a patented skid-mounted dryer (SMD) as a part of our waste management services which utilizes a specially modified WSM-01 cuttings dryer mounted on a skid, with all fluid handling and electrical equipment incorporated on board. The mobile, modular SMD is designed for pad drilling and for high-capacity applications. The SMD has the abil ity to skid with the rig as it moves around the pad. SMD service is priced on a day rate basis and can be designed to suit with or without an effluent polishing centrifuge. Dryers have proven to be the most effective process to recover maximum OBM from
drill cuttings and can help to reduce drilling waste by 50%.


Skid-Mounted Dryer Technical Overview

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Features & Benefits

•Optimized for large volumes
•Reduction in oil on cuttings (OOC) to less than 5% by weight
•Waste minimization / reduction in haul off volume by 50%
•Priced on day rate basis
•Portable, easy to move on location
•Self-contained for rapid rig-up and rig-down
•Spill containment incorporated on the skid
•Built-in agitator tanks for fluid processing and volume tracking
•This service will significantly reduce mud costs and haul-off


Capacity: 100 Bbl
Dimensions in transit: 48’5″L x 8’W x 11’10″H
Dimensions fully boomed: 73’1.5″L x 9’1.25″H x 12’11.5″H
Dry transit weight: 35,000 lbs.
Electrical specs:

2 – 30Hp motor

2 – 20 Hp motor

1 – 7.5 Hp motor (Moyno pump)

(est. 130 Amp breaker needed)

Air requirements: Assessed upon rig survey
Flow rate: 80-120 tons per hour of wet cuttings