Mobile Centrifuge Unit Overview

Terra Oilfield Solutions (TSOLN) offers a unique, patent-pending mobile centrifuge unit (MCU) which utilizies a Hutchison Hayes 5500 centrifuge mounted on a transport truck. This mobile concept allows TSOLN to service mul tiple rigs within a certain area with one unit and rigs with l imited backyard space.

MCU service can be priced on a footage or dayrate basis, with TSOLN’s customer only being charged when the MCU is in service and processing, thus el iminating the cost of having a 24-hour cuttings drying operation on each rig.


Mobile Centrifuge Unit Technical Overview

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Features & Benefits

  • Truck-mounted mobile HH 5500 centrifuge can be called out to control low gravity solids, to process cuttings, or to dewater drilling fluid

  • MCU service can be priced on footage basis, with the customer charged only during processing

  • MCU can be called out for service only when needed, allowing the backyard to remain uncongested 

  • MCU is rigged down and moved off location until needed again 

  • Space on location is saved by not having to house TSOLN employees 

  • This service is extremely flexible and will significantly reduce mud costs and haul-off


Bowl speed:

3,050 RPM in typical operations

3,750 RPM max


2,113 G’s in typical operations
3,150 G’s max


32’3″L x 8′Wx 12’1″H
258 sq ft footprint

Bowl dimensions:

16″ inside diameter x 55″ long

Transit weight:

8,000 lbs.


230/460V 60Hz 3-phase

Max. flow rate:

230 gallons per minute

Max. solid cap.:

5.5 tons per hour