Drying Shaker Overview

TSOLN uses the latest in drying shaker technology in its drilling waste management and solids control applications, including shakers with two variable-speed motors that create linear or balanced elliptical motion at all points on the shaker basket. This maximizes solids conveyance and liquid throughput and reduces the fluid retention on cuttings.

TSOLN recommends using shaker screen sizes of API 200 and finer to reduce the amount of low gravity solids entering the active mud system (micron cut – >69,0 to 82,5).


 DS fsi 5000

Drying Shakers Technical Overview

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Features & Benefits

•AWD mechanical deck angle adjustment mechanism from 0 to 5 degrees uphill
•Force adjustable to 8.0 G’s maximum
•Four 29” x 42” pre-tensioned screen panels with Wedgelok fasteners
•Real time monitoring of G-force, RPM, vibration angle, deck angle, motion and amplitude, with lookback history reports of data collected from sensors
•Motion and conveyance control with graphic operator interface and remote control operation
•34 sq ft (3.2 sq m) of screening area
•API RP 13C (I SO13501) compliant
•Explosion proof Class I , Division 1
•Low maintenance


Dimensions: 130″L x 70″W x 63″H
Footprint: 34 square feet
Dry weight: 4,600 lbs.
Electrical specs: Two explosion-proof, three-phase, 60 Hz, 1,800 RPM vibrators, Explosion-proof starter control wired to both vibrators.
Performance: 8 G-force at 1,800 RPM, Average oil on cuttings (OOC) <12% by weight.