TSOLN uses the large-volume Hutchison Hayes 5500 decanting centrifuge in its drilling waste management and solids control applications when a high-throughput, fixed-location centrifuge is required. The HH5500 is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from polishing of effluent from cuttings dryers and drying shakers to solids control on active mud systems to barite recovery, where an HH5500 is more suitably sized and economical than megabowl centrifuges. TSOLN’s field technicians take full advantage of the HH5500′s variable speed drive and TSOLN’s extensive experience to ensure that the centrifuge is tuned real-time to meet all job requirements.


HH5500 Centrifuge Technical Overview

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Features & Benefits

  • Dual -speed drive sheave for quick speed change

  • Epicentric weirs for easy pool adjustment

  • Stainless steel bowl , conveyor, case, and cover

  • Tungsten carbide wear protection for abrasive applications

  • Grease lubricated bearings with a B-10 life or 100,000 hours

  • 60 Hp explosion-proof electric motor

  • Planetary gearbox with torque arm and springloaded over-torque mechanism

  • Vibration isolators

  • Mounted on a heavy-duty oil field skid with elevated stand

  • Flanged chutes for both the solids and liquids discharge

  • Shutdown switches for over-torque and excessive vibration

  • Internally mounted time totalizer

  • Explosion proof Class I , Division 1


Bowl speed:

3,050 RPM in typical applications

3,750 RPM max


2,113 G’s in typical operations

3,150 G’s max


122″L x 76″W

45″H with lid closed

66″ high with lid open

Transit weight: 8,000 lbs.

230/460V 60Hz 3-phase

Air requirements: Assessed upon rig survey
Max. flow rate: 230 gallons per minute
Max. solid cap.: 5.5 tons per hour